How Telemarketing Helps The Real Estate Business

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Telemarketing plays a crucial role in the real estate sector by generating leads, increasing sales, and providing customer support. It is a highly professional and specialized field that employs dedicated and result-oriented individuals. This article explores the various aspects of telemarketing in the real estate industry and highlights its potential to increase revenues and employment opportunities.

What exactly is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is the direct marketing of products and services to prospective customers via telephone, internet, or fax. It includes four primary telemarketing types: outbound, inbound, lead generation, and sales calls.

Outbound Telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing calls, also known as cold calls, involve reaching out to potential and existing customers. Telemarketers initiate these calls to introduce new property deals, invite clients for property previews, and increase the chances of property sales.

Inbound Telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing calls are made when people ask about goods or services after seeing ads or hearing about them from a salesperson. These calls, also called “warm” calls, are typically received from customers who have shown interest in the company through online forms or previous interactions.

Lead Generation

Lead generation telemarketing relies on gathering intelligence about potential customers’ interests, profiles, and demographic data. Telemarketers use this information to target specific individuals who are likely to be interested in purchasing real estate properties.


Telemarketers who have been trained as salespeople use ways to persuade people to buy over the phone. They possess the skills to convince potential customers to invest in real estate properties and facilitate the sales process.

The primary goal of telemarketing is to carry out activities such as telesales, surveying, appointment setting, database maintenance, and cleaning. Telemarketers play a crucial role in supporting real estate agencies and realtors in increasing their revenues.

How Telemarketing Supports the Real Estate Sector

Telemarketing provides valuable support to the real estate sector through various scenarios and activities. Let’s explore some of these scenarios and how telemarketing can boost the real estate industry.

Property Previews

Telemarketers can call potential customers to let them know about new real estate deals in the area that are for sale. The goal is to get potential buyers to come see the house, which will increase the chances of making a sale.

Listing Properties on Realtor’s Database

Telemarketers can get in touch with buyers who have posted photos and information about their homes on social media. The point of these calls is to suggest that the realtor or real estate firm add the properties to their database.

 By doing so, the properties have a higher chance of being sold quickly, benefiting both the seller and the buyer.

Appraisal of Market Value

Telemarketers can engage property owners by offering to evaluate the market value of their properties. If successful in convincing the owners, these telemarketers can turn them into clients who may seek the company’s services in the future.

Exploring New Property Requirements

Telemarketers can call people who have put their homes on the market and ask what they are looking for in a new home, either in the same area or somewhere else. This method helps find possible leads, since these buyers may want to buy new properties after selling their old ones.

Price Decrease Notifications

Telemarketers can reach out to sellers from their database to inform them about decreased property prices. This information can attract potential clients who were previously deterred by higher prices, potentially leading to successful sales.

Customer Support

Telemarketing also plays a significant role in providing customer support within the real estate sector. Call centers serve as a vital resource for building trust among prospective and existing customers. Customers can seek assistance regarding property visits, project updates, general queries, and payment-related information.

Scheduling Property Visits

Efficient scheduling of property visits is crucial for real estate businesses to run smoothly and generate more profit. Telemarketers ensure that customer property visits are scheduled promptly and handled professionally, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Project Status Updates

Customers often desire to stay updated on the progress of their invested projects. Real estate companies must be prepared to respond to project-related queries and provide timely updates to maintain customer satisfaction.

General Queries

Prospective customers often call to find out more about projects that are already going on or that are coming up. To handle these calls, real estate companies need agents who are skilled and can give thorough information and communicate well.

Payment Related Information

Telemarketers can call customers to inform them about document submissions and due payments for smooth property transfers. This proactive approach ensures that customers are well-informed and can complete necessary transactions without any confusion.

Telemarketing in Pakistan

Pakistan, with its thriving IT industry and call centers, holds immense potential for telemarketing in the real estate sector. The country has a prominent position in software development, BPO, and freelancing, ranking fourth in providing freelancing services globally. With over 2000 IT companies and call centers, Pakistan possesses a large pool of English-speaking professionals proficient in current and emerging IT products and technologies.

The real estate sector contributes 2.53% to Pakistan’s GDP and employs 7.61% of the labor force. Integrating telemarketing into the real estate industry can further boost employment opportunities and revenue for the country’s economy.


With its growing IT business and call centers, Pakistan has a huge amount of potential for real estate telemarketing. The country is a leader in software creation, business process outsourcing (BPO), and freelancing. It ranks fourth in the world for freelancing services. Pakistan has more than 2,000 IT companies and call centers, which means there are a lot of English-speaking IT professionals there who know how to use both new and old IT goods and technologies.

Real estate makes up 7.61% of Pakistan’s work force and accounts for 2.53% of the country’s GDP. Adding telemarketing to the real estate business can create more jobs and bring in more money for the country’s income.

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