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In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Arslan ‘Ash’ has etched his name in the annals of Tekken history by becoming the first player to win four Evolution Championship Series (EVO) trophies in the game. The 27-year-old Tekken prodigy from Pakistan showcased his unrivaled talent at the Evolution Championship Series 2023 held in Las Vegas, USA. Facing fierce competition from top players around the world, Arslan emerged victorious once again, solidifying his position as one of the greatest Tekken players of all time.

The Grand Finals

The grand finals of the Tekken 7 tournament at EVO 2023 witnessed an intense clash between Arslan ‘Ash’ and Japan’s formidable player ‘AO.’ The pinnacle of skill and strategy was on full display as both players battled it out for the coveted championship title. In a breathtaking mirror match, with both players using the character Kunimitsu, Arslan dominated the competition, securing a flawless 3-0 victory over his opponent. The final round showcased Arslan’s exceptional mastery of the game, as he maintained a commanding lead throughout the match.

Overcoming Notable Players

Arslan’s path to victory was not without its challenges. Throughout the tournament, he faced formidable opponents who tested his mettle. One such player was ‘ULSAN,’ known for his prowess with characters Bob, Feng, and Kazumi. However, Arslan proved to be unstoppable, defeating ‘ULSAN’ and securing his place in the grand finals. ‘AO,’ who later faced Arslan in the losers’ finals, emerged victorious, denying ‘ULSAN’ a spot in the ultimate showdown. Arslan’s exceptional skills and strategic gameplay were instrumental in his triumph over such highly skilled opponents.

Visa Issues and Absent Players

Unfortunately, due to visa issues, many talented Tekken players from Pakistan, including Atif Butt, Heera Malik, Qasim Meer, Kashi Snake, and Dawood Sikandar, were unable to participate in EVO. These players have demonstrated their exceptional abilities in various international tournaments, and their absence was keenly felt. However, their absence did not dampen the spirit of Arslan ‘Ash,’ who continued to shine and bring glory to his country.

Arslan Ash’s Dominance in Tekken

Arslan ‘Ash’ has not only secured his place as the first player in Tekken 7’s history to win four EVO trophies but has also solidified his position as one of the greatest players in the entire Tekken franchise. His exceptional skills, unwavering focus, and strategic gameplay have propelled him to unparalleled heights in the competitive Tekken scene. Arslan’s journey to becoming a four-time EVO champion serves as an inspiration to aspiring players around the world, showcasing the rewards that come with dedication and hard work.

Looking Ahead

With his astounding victory at EVO 2023, Arslan ‘Ash’ has firmly solidified his place as a dominant force in Tekken. Fans and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his future performances, wondering if he will continue to break records and redefine the limits of what is achievable in the game. While the absence of talented Pakistani players was unfortunate, it is hoped that they will overcome visa issues and participate in upcoming international tournaments, adding to the already fierce competition in the Tekken community.


Arslan ‘Ash’ has carved his name into the history books of Tekken by becoming the first player to win four EVO trophies in the game. His exceptional skill, unwavering determination, and strategic prowess have propelled him to unprecedented heights in the competitive Tekken scene. Arslan’s dominance in the grand finals of EVO 2023 showcased his unrivaled talent and cemented his status as one of the greatest Tekken players of all time. As the Tekken community eagerly awaits his future performances, Arslan’s achievements serve as a testament to the rewards that await those who dedicate themselves to their craft.

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