The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board Would Be Under CDA’s Authority

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Islamabad Wildlife Management refers to the management and conservation of the various species of wildlife found in and around Islamabad, Pakistan. The city is home to diverse wildlife, including birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects. Protecting these species and their habitats is essential for the benefit of both the wildlife and the local communities.

Several organizations manage wildlife in Islamabad, including the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB), the Pakistan Wildlife Foundation, and the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency. These organizations promote wildlife conservation through various initiatives, including habitat restoration, wildlife monitoring, and public awareness campaigns.

One of the key challenges facing wildlife management in Islamabad is habitat loss due to human activities such as deforestation, urbanization, and agricultural expansion. The IWMB and other organizations work to address this issue by identifying and protecting important wildlife habitats, such as the Margalla Hills National Park, and by promoting sustainable land use practices.

In addition to habitat loss, wildlife in Islamabad faces other threats, such as hunting, poaching, and the illegal wildlife trade. The IWMB and other organizations work to combat these threats through law enforcement efforts, public education campaigns, and the promotion of alternative livelihoods for communities that rely on wildlife for their income. In this news, we tell you about the new step the government has taken

The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board would be under CDA’s Authority

Recently, The engineering wing of CDA sent a letter to the FWO, the authority responsible for the construction work of Margalla Road, and they requested the collection of pending work. 

The Margalla road project extends 10.4 kilometers from G.T. road to D-12. It was made available to the general public two months ago. The road has three lanes on each side; this is an important point to be noted. Also, the work on erecting the fence along the road has yet to begin. 

Nonetheless, the CDA has asked the FWO to finish the installation of cat eyes, road signage, and some unfinished asphalt work.

Furthermore, the contractor has been urged to improve the road’s quality and finish the signs, lane marking, and construction work in the last R.D. area. The CDA has also requested the completion of the work on Shah Allah Ditta underpass approach roads, drainage work, retaining walls, tourism and historical signage, and cleaning of drains. 

However, CDA has emphasized completing this project on time and considering its significance for the public.  

At this time, the construction of another 5km road from sector D-12 to E-11 and interchange is under construction. 

The CDA has urged the FWO to give priority to the completion of the pending work on Margalla Road and ensure the timely completion of the project. Also, ensure the convenience and safety of commuters.

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