WhatsApp is Allowing You to Log in from Four Different Devices!

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WhatsApp’s multi-device feature allows users to use their WhatsApp account on multiple devices simultaneously without requiring a constant connection to the user’s primary phone. This means that users can simultaneously access their WhatsApp chats, voice notes, and other media on their tablet and computer without switching back and forth between devices. Previously, WhatsApp only allowed users to access their accounts on one device at a time, and the account had to be linked to the user’s primary phone. This made it difficult for users to use WhatsApp on multiple devices and meant that if their phones were lost or damaged, they would lose access to their WhatsApp accounts. But this feature is not available for mobiles, so now, in this news, we tell you about the new feature of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is Allowing You to Log in from Four Different Devices

The WhatsApp multi-device feature has existed for many years but only allows tablets, computers, and laptops. According to the release news, users can use the same WhatsApp on 4 phones soon.

This feature will be released soon on the app’s stable version. As always, this news was shared firstly by folks over at WABetaInfo.

With WhatsApp’s upcoming Companion Mode, users can access their account data from up to four devices simultaneously. This is convenient for business people or those who have multiple phones and want to use the same account on each one.

However, you must ensure that both phones use the same WhatsApp version if you intend to utilize the same account on both.

When activated, Companion Mode will function similarly to connected gadgets. When you open the linked device section, they will give you a QR code that you can scan on the secondary phone to use the same Whatsapp account. Your media and conversations will be synced on both devices. Moreover, WhatsApp can be used on a second phone even if the primary device is not online.

Lastly, There has yet to be any news on when the functionality will roll out for iOS devices, and it is currently only available on the WhatsApp beta for Android. In any event, once Companion Mode is generally available, we will post an update here.

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